lightbook is an independent architectural lighting design practice in New Delhi with team of architects and interior architects, working towards beautiful lighting environment and ambiences. We provide complete lighting design consultancy from conceptual stage to the commissioning of the project through continuous process of creativity and ideas in lighting design for our clients. lightbook strives to put forth creative lighting inputs for our distinctive clients with distinctive need and requirements.

our philiosophy is to create a dialogue between architecture and its surroundings through the most subtle medium of both artificial light and daylight. lightbook considers light as a material to be applied to the architecture through a process of layering and thereby adding creative value to the projects. The key to this is our close collaboration with architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape designers, and installation artists. our inception in the project from the beginning of the project helps in binding the project at both design level and feasibility level as every project is
unique by definition.

lightbook is comprised of creative individuals, who understands the process of design and the methods required to achieve the desired lighting environment. our services provide design and technical details interms of different lighting fixtures, equipments, installations, fixing, adjustments and maintenance schedules. lightbook lays emphasis on daylight analysis, lighting calculations, computer visualization, fixture development and site mockups as per the site requirements. Following is a
typical process:
  • understanding the design, aesthetic and functional brief from the architect/client.
  • creating a lighting design analogy and ideas for an outstanding luminous environment.
  • developing a lighting concept with a holistic visual hierarchy and ambience for a project.
  • effective communications through presentations consisting of light renderings, reference visuals, light sketches, alternative concepts.
  • integration of ideas and concepts on lighting layouts, product specifications, lighting control systems, lighting budgets and details for construction process.
  • recommending appropriate lighting contractors for execution.
  • executing quality tests and physical inspection of installed fixtures as specified.
  • coordination with PMC and other project agencies for right integration of lighting concepts.
  • guiding the execution team for correct focusing and adjustments of the installed fixtures.
  • providing onsite assistance for complete installation of lighting equipments and systems till the commissioning of the project.

lightbook has extensive knowledge and background to execute lighting projects under following heads:
  • architectural lighting environment
    • commercial spaces, corporate offices, museums, institutional facilities, religious and heritage structures.
  • hospitality and leisure lighting environment
    • 5 - star hotels, boutique hotels, restaurant and bars, outdoor facilities.
  • retail lighting environment
    • large scale retail spaces, shopping malls, and
      flagship stores.
  • residential lighting environment
    • high end residences, multi-storey residential structures.
  • urban lighting environment
    • congregation spaces, tunnels, streets, bridges.
  • exterior lighting environment
    • landscapes, parks, congregation spaces, light installation for events.

lightbook is committed to provide magnificent, green and sustainable visual environments for the future. we want to produce creative work for our clients but also become key players in the run to save environment. we strive to educate architects and owners towards energy savings with environmental impact on the lighting decisions one can take during a project. we want to create beautiful ambiences but also an image which is more environment responsible. lightbook is in a continuous process of learning interms of sustainable techniques and good products so as to achieve goals towards sustainability.